Mike Dolan im Videointerview: Wir starten 2014 neue Ligen in Indien

Mike Dolan führt seit 2011 als CEO und Chairman die Sport- und Modeagentur IMG, die seit 2004 der Private-Equity-Firma Forstmann Little gehört.

Der Chef des weltgrößten Sportvermarkters spricht im JP4-Video über die Zukunft von IMG, die großen Wachstumsmärkte im Sport-Business und seine Pläne in Indien mit eigenen Top-Ligen für Fußball und Basketball.

Mike Dolan, CEO and Chairman of IMG Worldwide, gives his view about the future of his company. A possible change in ownership structure in the future, be it by sale, new investors or IPO, does not worry him, Dolan says. „It would be a huge mistake for us to divert our attention to issues that relate to potential sale of the company or changes in ownership structure. That´s an issue for Forstmann Little to deal with, it´s not an issue for IMG.“

Dolan expects further growth for the sports business industry and IMG from both the developing countries and also the developed countries. „We live in the sports world in a microclimate where growth is better than in the overall growth in the economy.“

In order to boost the business in India IMG is working together with JV-partner Reliance Industries to develop a new soccer tournament and also a newly created basketball league, Dolan says. „Both of those leagues will start play early in 2014.“ European soccer clubs and also the NBA are „open and eager to participate because they recognize as well where the growth is“.

Dolan says: „The growth is in the markets like India and China, Brasil, Turkey. It´s that developing part of the world that the established European sports brands want to be able to access as well.“

The interview took place in Düsseldorf, Feb. 17, 2013.

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